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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of questions commonly asked by customers. This is not intended to dissuade our customers from asking questions, rather the exact opposite. Use this FAQ as a guideline to educate yourself with the proccesses of landscaping… and then ask your questions. For additional information please e-mail Bob Tunzi.

What types of service does Tunzi & Sons Landscaping offer?

Tunzi & Sons Landscaping offer full landscape design and installation services:

Design – We design everything from complete landscapes on new construction sites to renovations for existing landscapes. We can also focus on updating or improving just a small section of a yard or garden. Our designs can accommodate planting beds, perennial gardens, irrigation systems, patios, decks, water features, or any other outdoor amenities that you desire.

Installation Services – We offer complete installation service for all Tunzi & Sons Landscaping designs, including irrigation systems, walkways, patios, water features, retaining walls, drainage solutions, planting beds and gardens.

If I only have a small project, will Tunzi & Sons Landscaping still have to draw up a design?

Not at all, especially if you have a particular problem to address or feature that you would like to add or renovate. Often for smaller projects, such as replacing a walkway with new material, or building a retaining wall, the formality of a design is unnecessary. In these situations, Tunzi & Sons Landscaping will provide you with a free estimate.

What should I expect from my first meeting with Tunzi & Sons Landscaping?

Meetings can be scheduled during day or evening hours, usually within the first 1-2 weeks of your call. One of our landscape designers will help you identify your needs and clarify your vision. We will discuss the scale of your project, determine whether it requires a design, and which products would best suit the plan and the environment. Your Tunzi & Sons Landscaping designer will bring photographs of similar projects we have planned and executed, as well as literature describing various options for plant materials or other products such as stone.

When should I expect Tunzi & Sons Landscaping to follow up with me after our initial meeting?

If a landscape design drawing is required, we will schedule a second meeting within two weeks at which time we will present and discuss Tunzi & Sons Landscaping proposed plan. You will receive a copy of the drawing which details all aspects of the project, as well as a Tunzi & Sons Landscaping Proposal Package.

If your project does not require a design drawing, you will receive a Tunzi & Sons Landscaping Proposal Package in the mail within 7-10 days of the initial meeting.

What’s in a Tunzi & Sons Landscaping Proposal Package?

The Proposal Package contains a detailed estimate for your project, a list of references and a copy of Tunzi & Sons Landscaping terms and conditions which details the various warranties on products we typically use.

When will my work be completed? Begin?

Our policy is to schedule projects based on receipt of a deposit. We do our best to schedule start dates within 4-6 weeks of receiving a deposit. However, during our busy season (typically in the spring), it may take 6-8 weeks to put your project on the calendar. Once we receive your deposit, we will notify you of your tentative start date.

How much maintenance effort should I expect to put into my new landscape?

Maintenance varies for every project. New plantings, seed or sod require a high degree of maintenance until they are established. To help you in this effort, we will provide you with a detailed watering plan relevant for your specific needs. There is very little maintenance required for hardscape (e.g. deck, walkway) installations.

May I contact Tunzi & Sons Landscaping after my project is complete?

Please feel free to call our offices (708) 258-0900 whenever you have a question about any aspect of your new landscape. It is especially important to call if you notice that any of your plant material, seed or sod is not thriving. We may be able to modify your watering plan to ensure their viability.

What type of payment methods does Tunzi & Sons Landscaping offer?

We accept both Visa and Master Card. Financing plans are also available.