Improve the appearance and health of your lawn with aeration and seeding.

Great lawn care is more than just watering and fertilizing. Our lawn care professionals ensure that every corner of your lawn is healthy and vibrant.

  • Aeration is vital for root health, as it allows nutrients to percolate into the soil.

  • Seeding restores areas of your lawn that have died or become thin and weak due to drought, disease, weeds, or pests.

At Tunzi & Sons Landscaping, we take a comprehensive approach to lawn care. Our aeration and seeding services can revitalize a struggling lawn and improve its beauty and value. Give us a call today, to give your lawn the boost it needs!


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Our lawn was in sad condition until Bob Tunzi came into our lives. Now not only is our lawn fabulous but our entire landscaping gets nothing but compliments from everyone we talk to. His crew is courteous and always do a great job maintaining our lawn and shrubs. Bob always takes time to make sure any questions we have are answered. We could not be happier with Tunzi and Sons Landscaping.
— Claudette Maguire, House